About Us

Two Approaches

We use two diametrically opposed approaches to view sei-katsu-sha in their entirety.

Quantitative research
for a bird's eye view of sei-katsu-sha over time

To get a bird's eye view of changes in sei-katsu-sha perceptions we have conducted the Seikatsu Teiten Survey every two years since 1992. We ask the same 1,500 or so lifestyle-related questions each time and analyze shifts in response rates. We discover hints about the future in the data we've amassed in this way.

Striking futures together to open new futures full of hope

The Institute also conducts ethnographic research to investigate sei-katsu-sha's feelings in detail. Our researchers regularly walk purposefully through the streets, visit sei-katsu-sha in their homes, and otherwise look for portents of the future in all the places where people live, work, shop and play .