Chronological Lifestyle Survey

Large-scale and long-running time series observation of people

The chronological lifestyle survey on the Japanese people, which the Institute has conducted every second year since 1992, enables time series observation of sei-katsu-sha through a broad-ranging survey that includes around 1,400 items covering their recent sentiments, attitudes to life, views toward society and more. The results of this research can be viewed on the Japanese language Seikatsu Teiten website in various ways, including by category, by graph and by target.


Download data (English)

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An Excel spreadsheet containing responses to approximately 1,400 survey items from 30 years’ worth of surveys covering the period 1992 until 2022 is available for download.
・ Spreadsheet contains 19 strata, including all, sex, sex and age cohort, geographical area, geographical area and sex
・ Contains easy-to-use automatic time-series graph creation and keyword search functions
・ Supports changing longitudinal axes and creating graphs with multiple items selected
For instance, “Money” scored higher than “Love” in response to the question “What do you believe in?” for the first time in 2014. Creating a graph with these two items selected shows that the gap between “Money” and “Love” gradually narrowed until eventually “Money” took the lead.
Use the download to dig deeper into data of interest. Available for computer download only
Download Data