About Us

What is Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living?

We study people in their entirety to contemplate future lifestyles. Implementing and advancing Sei-katsu-sha Insight, Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living is a research institute unlike any other.

Sei-katsu-sha literally means "living person" and Sei-katsu-sha Insight is about seeing people not through corporate eyes as mere shoppers and consumers, but rather as holistic individuals each with their own lives.Thus, Consumer < Sei-katsu-sha. But what are the advantages of this approach? Generally, companies view the individuals that make up society as people that buy their products or use their services; in other words, as customers. But people do not live just to consume. For individuals going about their lives, food and beverages, home appliances, cars, communications services, and financial services are means and tools they select to make their lives better. "Consumer" is only one aspect of a person. When we look at individuals in their entirety as people with lives, we can understand the underlying desires and needs that reside deep within their hearts. Understanding people at a deeper level enables the creation of new values that can bring about happy future lives. The Institute researches people's perceptions and behaviors with sei-katsu-sha insight as our foundation and "Open, Future" as our motto. Our researchers each use their unique and varied personalities and broad thinking unencumbered by the bounds of market or industry to open more exciting futures for sei-katsu-sha一futures that are not mere extensions of what is today.