About Us

Conceptual Framework

Striking futures together to open new futures full of hope.

"Unchangeable future" refers to unavoidable demographic and other macro changes and social schedules in the domestic and international realms. Most futures visioning focuses on these changes, but to us, they are nothing more than premises. "Possible futures" includes economic and style cycles and other aspects for which forecasts are no more than trend values, and changes in the perceptions and values of sei-katsu-sha, who will be the main actors of the future. Changes in perceptions and values, in particular, are major variable factors, but extremely difficult to predict. Regardless, we look here for possibilities that could move the unchangeable future. "Futures of hope" speaks to the unexpected changes that can arise when the unchangeable future is struck with other potential futures. By alternating the potential futures and the angles of the collisions, we can envision various scenarios of hope. We use the billiard table-like Open, Future framework and shift the line extending from the present—which can only ever give rise to one narrow future—to freely conceptualize other futures.