MIRAI Expo 2016

A city witthout Address

— Streetscape —

City in which the functions are obvious

House functions are scattered in the city and therefore people move around to satisfy their needs. Buildings and squares are labeled with signs that show what each place offers and if someone is using the place, there will be a hanging of an “in use” notification.

— Fashion —

Light is good

“Lightness” is highly valued, therefore minimal and simple fashion is considered fashionable. Only covering private parts of the body is becoming popular among the young generations.

— Mobility —

Comfortable ride with fully automated vehicles

All of the cars are fully automated and the seats come in comfort-driven forms. Couple seats are popular among the young generations.

— Nursing care —

Travel-type nursing

Those in need for nursing care go to the places that offer the care they need. The places are local hotels that have nursing functions instead of special facilities. Many people move to areas of their choice season by season.

— Commuting/Work Style —

Work at satellite office

Many do not go to typical offices for work. Instead they work at satellite offices that are located here and there within the city. Some companies have working spaces within café chains.

— Bath —

Walk through shower

Most bathrooms are built solely to satisfy people’s demand to effectively clean the body. Many care less about taking a bath. The “walk through type” that allows high quality washing in short time is especially popular.

— Annual event —

Stop moving day

Everyone stops traveling and spends time with their family for one whole day. Many take time to look up the sky and enjoy its change. Some people call this day “Look Up Day”.

— Media —

Recognizing outside space as a media

Open spaces at travel destinations are becoming a media. For example, a free shower space that adjusts the body in perfect condition to enjoy a cup of beer at its very best timing can gather people for its uniqueness.

— Living space —

Relax while traveling

Many feel most comfortable and relaxed traveling in their fully automatic vehicles.

— Shops —

Specialty shops available at various locations

Shops are divided according to its specialty and “highly specialized” shops that are not so large in size are located here and there within city. Everyone has his/her favorite shop.

— Kitchen —

What matters is where one cooks

People find importance in “where to cook” in the same level as “what to cook”. Supermarkets with kitchen that allow seamless grocery shopping and cooking are especially popular.

— Children’s Dinner —

Children’s diner for children

Children’s diners are located here and there within city, and they provide meals that match each growth stage and health condition.

— Stress —

Stressed about “house traffic”

People tend to move into areas that offer the best service and facility of their interest. The more fancy and comfortable the area is, the more popular. Due to such reason, popular areas tend to cause critical traffic jams caused by the houses that gather to the area.

— Grave/How to deal with death —

Scatter ashes

It is common to bury ashes in several places, and some started putting a portion of the ash in portable devices to carry around.