MIRAI Expo 2016

A city without Keys

― Streetscape ―

City in which people gather in quest for other people

Boards that show real time information regarding “what is happening where” and “level of liveliness” are located here and there within the city. It is considered a “loss” not to interact with people; hence people naturally go to places where others are gathered.

― Fashion ―

Clothing that shows what one is capable of doing

Clothes and fashion items now have functions to show others what one is capable of doing in an aim to collaborate with others more easily. The idea, “the more appeal one possesses, the more fashionable”, is sinking into the young generations.

― Mobility ―

Walk more with leg assist

Although many means of transportation are available, people choose to walk because they mostly only move within their neighborhood. Leg assist is favored among the elderly as it allows expansion of one’s range.

― Nursing care ―

Anyone who is available provides care

Nursing care is now provided by anyone who is available in return for fringe benefits (points). Most helpers are assertive in doing so, because the points vary according to the level of care they provide.

― Commuting/Work style ―

Double employment ingrained in the city

Many people have two jobs, a job of their own and a job within the community. Working hours are decided at one’s own discretion, allowing, for example, 4 days of work outside, 1 day for the community job in a week.

― Bath ―

Recognizing bath space as a community hot spot

It is now common for each community to possess a big hot spring of its own, and people freely eat, talk, and relax while taking a bath. Bathtub is now used like a living room.

― Annual event ―

Lock out festival

It is a festival in which all households stay inside the house and all of the community functions stop. Scary ghosts walk on the streets and children are enthused.

― Media ―

Recognizing auditory information as a media

Everyone now wears a headphone like small device, and through that acquires auditory information relevant to the location of one’s position.

― Living space―

Freely relax at outside square

Everyone is enjoying their relaxation time at square of their preference that makes the most of nature and is also well taken care of.

― Shops ―

Outside market in various sizes

Outside market that gathers various types of stores at one place exists in each community. “Points” that are collected within the community can be used to buy products at this market.

― Kitchen ―

Cook in great portions and eat together

Cooking tools such as pans and pots are enlarging so that dishes could be shared among the residents. Conversation that starts with “what should we cook today?” triggers a festival-like dinner scenery everyday.

― Children’s Dinner ―

Children’s cooking day

Several times in a month, children of the community gather to make dinner together, and are recognized as a fun event. Of all the dishes, “pizza for 100 people” made with an enormous stone oven is a popular menu.

― Stress ―

Scared to be alone

Since everyone is so used to helping each other and the idea of being there for others is well spread, people are put under great stress when they are suddenly left alone.

― Grave/How to deal with death ―

Rest in peace together under a big tree

No one possesses a personal grave and the diseased are buried under a big iconic tree owned by the community. Visiting graves now has a different meaning. If the grave-tree is a cherry tree, people throw an event every spring under the tree at its full bloom.