MIRAI Expo 2016

A city without Walls

― Streetscape ―

A city where rooms are connected to the world

Since people can now widely and deeply get connected to others from all over the world from inside their home, many tend to lose interest in what goes on outside of their home in real life. As a result, the greens are covering the housing walls.

― Fashion ―

Enjoy fashion only through avatar

Fashion is only enjoyed virtually because people only meet with others through avatar/holograms. In real life, most people care less about their appearance.

― Mobility ―

Ultrafast logistic between individuals

E-pigeon (electric carrier pigeon) that allows ultrafast logistic between individuals is becoming popular all over the world. Sending handwriting letters is a boom perhaps due to the fact that people can send and receive delivery easier and faster with others all over the world.

― Nursing Care―

Nursing with the help of distant helpers

Nursing service by foreigners that utilizes the time difference between countries is spreading all over the world. In Japan, many requests are centered to Brazil where the time difference is almost the opposite of Japan, and nowadays, their level of nursing is said to be better than that of Japan’s.

― Commuting/Work Style ―

Company functions are now on the Internet

Real life offices are very rare as many companies moved their headquarters on the Internet. People debate with their co-workers “face to face” through Internet and holograms.

― Bath ―

Bath karaoke with people around the globe

Taking a bath has become a worldwide culture, and as a result, people started to think of the best way to interact with others while doing so. “Furooke (furo=Japanese word for bath)” that gives momentum to further deepen the virtual naked friendship with likeable others is one of the trends.

― Annual Event ―

Return to oneself day

On this day, people must cut off all outside communication and use time only for oneself. Some use this time to read books or watch movies. Others would just become numb and wait till time passes. How to spend this day varies with individuals.

― Media ―

Visual information is recognized as a media

It is common for people to wear glasses-shaped and contact-shaped devices at all times, allowing various types of visual information to be treated as a media.

― Living room ―

Gathering with people around the globe

Living room has several hologram projectors and is now a communication space that allows relaxing gathering with people all over the world.

― Shops ―

Virtual shopping center on the Internet

People shop at a virtual shopping center with shops from all over the world. It is nothing rare to catch an Osaka lady asking a young salesman from Mexico for a bargain.

― Kitchen ―

Send ingredients to each other and cook together

People send ingredients to friends from different countries and enjoy cooking a traditional meal together. It is not rare for an ordinary housewife to start a global-scale cooking lesson.

― Children’s Dinner ―

Menu that connects children

A service that allows children from all over the world to get connected automatically and enjoy the same food at the same time is becoming popular.

― Stress ―

Gap between real and avatar

Due to the fact that everyone fabricates their avatar too much when virtually interacting with others, cases in which one finds difficulty in keeping self-identity in real life are increasing.

― Grave/How to deal with death ―

Turning into A.I after death

Graves are moved onto the Internet and URL serves as a burial marker. Many diseased turn oneself into an A.I. by keeping personal data before one’s death.