MIRAI Expo 2016

A city without Windows

― Streetscape ―

City in which drones fly furiously

Logistics using drones became ubiquitous. People can do and get whatever they wish at home, and drones fly furiously in the air. Due to such reality, it is rare to see people walking on the streets.

― Fashion ―

Attain the ultimate in fashion or become naked

Since people are used to doing whatever they desire without caring for others, they either enjoy fashion just for fun or choose to stay naked.

― Mobility ―

Everything is gathered at home

The main platform for logistics has changed from road to the sky. People do not go buy products. Instead, products are delivered to their homes. Therefore, no remarkable development has been added to “vehicles”.

― Nursing Care ―

Nursing robot of one’s need

Nursing robots are widely prevalent. A service to change the outside appearance of a robot into a celebrity of one’s taste is especially popular.

― Commuting/Work Style ―

Complete assimilation of house and work place

Environment that allows people to work remotely has been established, realizing complete assimilation of house and work place. Although people do not actually need to go to work, some have workroom inside their house and go to the room when they want to switch their mentality from the rest of the time.

― Bath ―

Minimal care with special underwear

With the exception of some who truly enjoy taking a bath as a hobby, most do not wash themselves anymore. However, to eliminate the possibilities for health damages, they wear underwear that has a cleansing function to achieve the minimal care.

― Annual Event ―

Outside day

Once a year, people must go outside and stay under the sun for a certain amount of time. Some give up and enjoy the day, but there are others who strongly resist going outside, which calls for the need of governmental intervention.

― Media ―

The whole house as a media

The Internet-connected house itself is a media where all the rest of the electrics are connected to the walls of the house. If a person were receiving a package from a drone, an advertisement tied to the drone gets shown in the entire house, for example.

― Living Space ―

Change interior according to feeling

Walls, floors, and ceilings can freely display movies and textures of one’s choice according to feeling. This change provides a relaxing time.

― Shops ―

Ask to deliver the whole showcase to home

It is possible to have the showcase of one’s interest at home. Sizes and textures could be looked and examined closely.

― Kitchen ―

Enjoy meal together with the packaging atmosphere

With the exception of a few cooking lovers, most people use auto cooking system installed in their homes. Meals are recognized more like an entertainment with an example of drone delivery that delivers food and “situation” that changes the interior design of the house in an instant.

― Children’s Dinner ―

Offering of children’s menu and space designing

“Happy delivery” that comes with children’s meal and space designing as a set is popular.

― Stress ―

Logistics disparity created with the use of drones

It is considered high in status to live in the area where drones can fly swiftly, and the logistics disparity is becoming a social problem. Also, thefts by “air pirates” that steal delivery items from drones remain rife.

― Grave/How to deal with death ―

Turning corpse into various resources

By turning corpse into various helpful resources, bodies can “disappear” completely from this world, which allows those left behind to achieve closure more smoothly. What is left of the diseased is only a digital death certificate.