What is Mirai Expo?

Four Scenarios of Trust

This is the sixth iteration of Mirai Expo, a futurology forum that proposes hypotheses about the future of society and sei-katsu-sha.
The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially changed the way of the world. As the pandemic shows no sign of abating, the premises on which to consider our future are changing rapidly. In order to make projections in a highly uncertain environment, we introduced scenario planning to this study. Rather than predicting a single course of the future, this approach combines two factors with significant impact on the future of trust to produce four possible scenarios.
This time, we chose “trust” as the theme of our research, as it is necessary for building our society and relationships. The population decline and the trend toward “atomization” among sei-katsu-sha, as well as the deluge of information, are changing trust, which is the basis of Japanese society. This change is set to transform personal relationships and the process of mutual understanding. The future that lies ahead of this transformation may be full of encounters and discoveries for some, and doubt and distrust for others. However, it is clear that trust will no longer emerge naturally among humans but will have to be built proactively by sei-katsu-sha themselves.
What kind of trust will you build in 10 years’ time, and with whom?

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